Clash of Clans: Best Attack Strategy and Attacking Tips

Well if you are android game love than surely by now you have played clash of clans.  This is a very nice and very well made game by super cell team.

The game is so popular that it is among the top ten best games for android in the world. Clash of clans involves upgrading your very own town hall, collecting the resources, saving them from attackers and also to attack the other player. Let get some Clash of Clans: Best Attack Strategy going, but first some more details.

Clash of Clans: Best Attack Strategy and Attacking Tips

Clash of clan is logged in from a server and yes you cannot play it without an internet connection. There is a unique clan and you are chief of your own home.

You get to join a clan and that clan can have members just like you up to fifty maximum. After you have joined a clan in clash of clans, now the next step is to find out a competitor clan with whom you can fight.

Each player in a fight is given two chances to attack other player bases. If you will win comprehensively you will get three stars.

At the end of a fixed time from the start of a clan war, stars of each clan will be counted and clan with a greater number of stars will be declared as the winner. Winning a clan war will reward you with war loot. These extra resources you can use to upgrade your town hall, canons, wizard tower and many more of such items.

Clash of Clans: Best Attack Strategy and Attacking Tips

Well if we talk about individual playing in a clash of clans so you can also attack other players.  The number of fights you will win the number of winning trophies you will collect and the number of trophies you will have the higher the league you will be placed.

There are many leagues where player are categorized in a clash of clans e.g. silver, gold, champion etc. It is not easy to win a fight so you have to properly plan your army and then choose the attacking options.  I will suggest you try out these simple two strategies that I have found out to be very effective

Strategy Number 1: Air Strike as the main weapon

First of all carefully choose the player whom you want to attack. If you are at lower town hall level suppose level 4 and search gives you the option of attacking a player of level 7 than the war loot and number of trophies may be high in this case but your chances of defeating him will be less because of other players upgraded defences.

So choose a player whom you think you can defeat.

If you are town hall level 7 or above best strategy is to use dragons and air balloons to destroy another player. But remember when using this strategy you need to make sure you destroy the air attack missiles of another player. Use archers or giants to do so. Once you have taken out the missiles now you can attack the other player at will because except missiles only wizard tower and archer tower can attack the air troops.

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Clash of Clans Attack Strategy Number 2: Ground attack with Giants

Giants are my favourite attack troops in a clash of clans. They are slow but hey look at the positive side they have a greater number of hit points than other infantry units except for P.E.K.A and other advanced troops.

So use giants to destroy other player’s bases. Use healing spell to heal your giants. Make 2 healing spells and one Rage spell.

Clash of Clans: Best Attack Strategy and Attacking Tips

Use Rage and healing spells on giants where the enemy player has more number of attacking cannons etc.

I hope by following these above-mentioned strategies you are going to progress in clash of clans and win more wars.

Good luck!





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