Learn Fusion: Creating Motion Graphics Complete Course Free Download

If you are producing amazing motion graphics first of all you must require a perfect toolset .

Blackmagic Design Fusion giving you a  amazing aqnd fully featured compositing environment in order to bring together amazing videos and also footage, graphics, 3D animation, as well as text and also photos in a fully featured three-dimensional space.

Great thing is that the non-Studio version is totally free. This course is demonstrating how you can create an identity bumper in Studio 8 with the help of compositing plus you also will learn animating a variety of assets.

Learn Fusion: Creating Motion Graphics Complete Course Free Download

In this course we will start from raw element then will learn about how to assembles a composition and use a camera in the scene.

This course also covering how to add lights, painted logo and also practicals.

You also will learn how you can add post effects plus you will learn about how you can render the final bumper.

Each part of this course is very rich, every step has objected lessons which will be very applicable to the variations that a compositor and animator have to face in the real world of motion graphics.

Important topics of this course

  • How to import and layering footage
  • How to create a camera and setting
  • How to add particle system
  • How to light the scene

Just download this course from here

SIZE: 1.05 GB

pass: techilover.com

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