Letters Lock Screen APK Free Download for Android

★ A unique app letters lock screen where you can secure your mobile with letters, signature or pull gesture you or password.

★ The lock screen detects and adjusts every time the letters are created and stored on the lock screen with their letters by as your lock screen password. You can draw and save each item as the symbol of the star, heart, triangle, square, circle, etc., or you can use any letters, numeric number or a signature of her as a password.

Letters Lock Screen APK Free Download for Android

★ With Letters Lock Screen, you can draw letters, shapes, numbers, signatures and contextual gestures to unlock your phone.

★ ★ Letters Lock Screen top features ★ ★

✔ Password (Letters lock screen) create any letters, shape, numbers, signature, etc. provided that. In single stroke without picking up your finger or stylus in application letters lock screen.

✔ Hide letters or gesture stops when drawing with Letters Lock Screen.

✔ Show app notifications on the lock screen: unread messages, missed calls, music player, alarm

✔ Double tap app notification to draw letters or signature to unlock and open the app.

✔ Supports both single stroke (one touch drawing) and multiple strokes.

✔ Set lock your own text (name) with font and color adjustment on screen

✔ Very beautiful and crystallize wallpapers in Letters lock screen to choose for backgrounds as well as choose from the gallery.

★★ Letters Lock Screen is for free

You will never regret download Letters Lock ScreenThank You,

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