Minecraft Pe Furniture Addon

That is a genuinely incredible addon which includes 17 different furniture. each furnishings has a one-of-a-kind use consisting of sitting or a few sort of interplay (e.g. storage or buying and selling). as an example, the radio can be used for playing songs and the fridge may be used for storing meals items.

however, the fundamental and maximum essential component is the fact that they apparently really desirable and can also be used simply as decorations on your builds.

How does it work?

location down a DL container after which use any of the fixtures objects to construct the fixtures (long press on the box). The DL box replaces the shelter and that means you’ll want to apply get a shulker spawn egg (or kind /summon shulker) to spawn it.

you could find a complete list of fixtures further down on this web page.

Minecraft Pe Furniture Addon

In this case, I constructed a radio. one-of-a-kind furnishings have extraordinary capabilities. The radio can be used for playing a track however you’ll want a gold ingot for that.

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  • iOS / Android: maintain a gold ingot, lengthy press at the radio and press Play.
  • windows 10: keep a gold ingot and proper-click on the radio to play a track.

All Furniture

Maximum of the subsequent furnishings have precise capabilities however they may be additionally high-quality just to use as decorations. on occasion, the shelter will teleport as soon as it’s placed down. but, once it’s become a furnishings it shouldn’t teleport anywhere. none of the furnishings may be rotated.

  • DL box (Undyed Shulker) – Unboxes the furniture which you need to get
  • Drum (red Shulker) – you may play this Drum via long pressing on it with a stick
  • pc (Black Shulker) – may be used as a garage for Emeralds and gives you Debit Card (Shulker Shell)
  • Spooky Statue (White Shulker) – you can upgrade it into a Statue shield by way of long urgent on it
  • with a Golden Pickaxe. you can change lower back to regular by way of long pressing on it with a Statue

Minecraft Pe Furniture Addon

  • Radio (purple Shulker) – give it a gold ingot to play a song
  • table (Orange Shulker) – garage container, drop gadgets on the desk, then long press on it to get entry to the objects
  • Chair (Yellow Shulker) – Sittable, and can trade size via lengthy urgent on it with Golden Pickaxe.
  • you can alternate it lower back by long pressing with a Chair
  • refrigerator (green Shulker) – save food items
  • espresso desk (Lime Shulker) – garage field, drops items on the desk, then long press on it to get
  • admission to the objects. you can trade it length too by using lengthy pressing on it with Golden
  • Pickaxe. you could alternate it again via lengthy pressing with an espresso desk
  • Stool (Blue Shulker) – Sittable, and may alternate size with the aid of long pressing on it with
  • Golden Pickaxe. you may exchange it lower back by means of long pressing a Stool
  • Blender (Cyan Shulker) – combo apples, melons, potatoes and carrots into potions
  • BBQ Grill (mild Blue Shulker) – cook dinner your uncooked meat and fish
  • secure / Vault (Magenta Shulker) – hide your vital objects
  • Bin (purple Shulker) – Drop your objects inside the bin. you can acquire them by way of lengthy urgent on it.
  • bathtub (gray Shulker) – you could sit down in the bathtub. however, first, you want to fill it up with
  • a few water. Use some cleaning soap (mild grey Dye) to add a few water and then have a seat. you
  • could empty the bathtub via lengthy pressing on it with an empty bucket.
  • toilet (Brown Shulker) – Sittable

The sheep is replaced by an armchair!


  • New furnishings
  • Remodeled furniture
  • Chairs, stools and coffee tables can alternate size through the use of a Golden Pickaxe
  • Statues renamed to Spooky Statues and can defend you from hostile mobs with the aid of
  • upgrading them using a Golden Pickaxe
  • computers can keep emeralds and provide you with a debit card (shulker shell) in return


  1. Download Addon (Resource & Behavior) .McAddon
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

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