Piano Tiles 2 Apk Free Download For Android

Piano Tiles 2 is a rhythm recreation wherein you have to try and play a number of the most famous songs within the global, using a piano keyboard on the screen of your Android. the issue lays inside the fact that the piano keys are transferring at a totally excessive velocity.

The gameplay on this 2nd installment of Piano Tiles is almost the same as inside the first. a chain of piano keys go by using over the screen at complete velocity, and you need to try to press them within the proper second to hold playing.

Piano Tiles 2 Apk Free Download For Android

if you hit the right keys you may maintain gambling and listen to the music you chose, however, the slightest mistake can give up the game at any minute.

In the sport’s tune choice, you can discover simplest songs which are everywhere in the world, mostly classical music, which include various sonatas and symphonies from Mozart, a few actions via Chopin and Bach, and others like Jingle Bells and Pachelbel’s Canon.

Piano Tiles 2 is the direct sequel to do not tap the White Tile, one of the most a hit rhythm games for Android. It offers as accurate a game revel in as its predecessor, if no longer extra.

The hit of the arena cherished by way of 900 thousand and thousands of players, Piano Tiles 2™ is having its second birthday! for the duration of these 2 years, Piano Tiles 2™ with its simplicity, thrill-looking for and task-taking capabilities, is always in the top ranks. Come to take the venture!

Piano Tiles 2 Apk Free Download For Android

Game function:

1. easy photos, easy to play and anybody receives gambling the piano!

2. Breath-taking rhythm will task your handspeed limit!

3. pinnacle project mode gives you thrill and chance!

4. replace of numerous songs, authentic, conventional, bangs and all of the style to fulfill unique flavor.

5. share your file together with your friends, and examine with global gamers at the ranking listing!

6. The sound of high high-quality makes you experience like in a live performance.

7. shop your progress through FB account and proportion the progress on specific gadgets.

8 . greater task, extra bonus, and a higher self.

Gaming mode:

don’t tap the white tiles! faucet the black tiles in keeping with the melody and do not pass over any tile! pay attention and maximize your reaction!

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