Reverse video Backwards APK Download for Android

reverse video is the best way to create a reverse that looks like a magic trick! Just record a video of walking, drinking beer or any idea! After that, the “reverse video” app will reverse your video: you will see people walking backward, your friend spitting the beer out!Get this powerful and easy-to-use video editor app for making and sharing videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

In order to make magic movies, we suggest some ideas to record video and then reverse it by our reverse video app:– throw something and then do the reverse: you can see kinetic attraction– tear a sheet of paper– drinking beer/water– etc.

It’s really awesome to make a magic video, and you can upload it to youtube to get millions of views in short time.

Reverse video backward APK Download for Android

Main features:– reverse video to output video in backward mode (very magic)– keep or remove audio
source when reversing– fast export HD video, use best codec: H264 to encode video– video cutter: trim any portion of your video with this video editor app.– slow motion video maker: slow down video speed in main editor– fast motion video editor: increase speed of the video – change audio sample rate to higher or lower to make funny video– add music to video: very fast and easy-to-use– share video on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc…

– the simple and clean user interface for reversing video in a minute.– use local songs to make a video– can preview your video before publishing– settings: video quality, encoder mode– support over 50 languages– easily browsing video folder– lightweight, easy to use, nice design than others app. We’re sure that it’s a best reverse video FX on Google play store. – support almost Android phone and tablet 7 inches and 10 inch

Reverse video backward APK Download for Android

Future features:+ crop video+ video converter: convert any video to m4a/aac/mp3 file+ video compressor: compress any big video to smaller size with HD mode+ video effects: provide multiple effect to apply on video+ video rotation: can rotate video+ upload video to YouTube

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