Who’s Your Daddy Gameplay

Who’s Your Daddy

A simulation sport developed by means of independent developer Joe Williams sponsored by using Kickstarter customers. the sport depicts the hardships of taking care of a child. In Who’s Your Daddy the players can come to be the child, if so their venture is to motive trouble and hurt themselves by way of acting various forbidden actions, or the father attempting to correctly deal with the kid and maintain it out of damage’s manner by way of placing unique locks on fixtures, preserving it far from the cooker and checking its temperature when it’s miles unwell.

Who’s Your Daddy Gameplay

The gameplay is varied with facet missions, finishing that is presented with reachable bonuses that make of entirety of the primary goal much easier. the game specializes in multiplayer mode for 2 gamers. One player turns into the kid even as the other one acts as the determine. The movement is shown in the first-individual attitude, providing easy, 3-dimensional images.

Who’s Your Daddy Gameplay

Who’s Your Daddy for pc / home windows is meant to be performed in multiplayer mode?

one of the players come to be the daddy and he ought to preserve interest to his infant this is constantly entering into trouble. unique locks ought to be positioned on furniture, the child must be taken out from a cooker, his temperature ought to be checked when it gets sick and many others.

The second one participant controls the child and is trying to hurt himself, for instance with the aid of ingesting and consuming irrelevant matters or putting the cutlery into the electrical outlets. the child is likewise capable of disguise in numerous corners of the residence and scouse borrow important items, along with medicines, from the daddy.

Who’s Your Daddy Gameplay

The gameplay is also varied with aspect missions. for example, with the aid of cleaning toys as a father, you could reap power-u.s.a.such as invisibility that makes finishing the primary objective less complicated.

Technical aspects

Who’s Your Daddy for pc / windows is a 3-dimensional recreation with simple photographs.

There are not any superior realistic animations, excessive excellent textures nor detailed surroundings in the game.


At some stage in the game, a player turns into a child or a parent. If the participant is the child, then he’s tasked with causing a problem. If the player acts as the parent, then he should watch for his toddler. Joe Williams intended to use the sport to show how tough it can be to take care of a small human.

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