Who’s Your Daddy Video Game

The Gameplay includes a single-player mode as well as an aggressive multiplayer mode, wherein one participant controls the daddy and the opposite player controls the toddler. In each mode, the daddy must save you the toddler’s demise, thru techniques along with locking shelves and putting dangerous gadgets out of the baby’s reach, because the child attempts to perform numerous fatal acts upon itself, including consuming bleach and sticking forks in electrical outlets.

Who’s Your Daddy Video Game

The Gameplay takes place in a two-story home with several not unusual rooms. gamers often swap roles each round.

who is Your Daddy is an informal 1 on 1 video game offering a clueless father attempting to prevent his infant son from certain loss of life?

current capabilities

  • A lovely domestic in order to watch over your son in
  • Physics primarily based recreation play allowing you to transport small objects as you please
  • beautiful compositions to be played on your baby’s piano

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undertaking your buddies along with your rating inside the leaderboard, and show us your aid via sharing this whos your daddy simulator sport?

extra mini variations like whos your daddy Minecraft mod version might be brought in close to future so stay tuned.

The WAY TO PLAY Who’s Your Daddy Video Game

1.you need to catch most effective the useful desired falling items at the same time as leaving unwanted/dangerous ones.

2. you may have a observe undesirable/risky gadgets at the start of the sport and in the assist page.

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